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Kate Rudolph

Rescued by the Orc Enforcer Ebook

Rescued by the Orc Enforcer Ebook

Villains do it Better

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This one was perfect.

Meda scanned the brochure, making sure it answered every
single possible point of contention. Safety? Trusted, vetted guards were
supplied by the company. Cost? Not the cheapest option out there, but not extravagant.
And extra money meant the company wasn't skimping. Time? Six months. A blink of
an eye for a twenty-four year old.

"You have to work," she whispered to the brochure,
tracing her fingers over the picture of the smiling human looking out over a
gorgeous vista on an uninhabited planet.

"What's that?" Nebulon Rossi, Meda's father,
walked into the sitting room and she nearly fell out of her chair in shock. Her
dad wasn't supposed to be home for another few hours. He was off on business,
whatever that meant, and he'd been clear she had to stay indoors.

As if she'd ever be in danger in Crimson Enclave. Her father
basically owned this town.

And that was the problem.

In Crimson Enclave she was as safe as any person could be.
She could walk down the grungy streets decked out in gold and no one would
touch her. Not that her father allowed her anywhere near the seedier parts of
the Enclave. No, she was always stuck in the Silver District with it's fancy
shops and refined clientele. They kept anyone who couldn't afford to live in
the Silver District out and fighting, violence of all kinds, was strictly
prohibited. Along with drinking, sex shows, cage fights, cursing, and spitting.

Meda had spent her whole life in the Silver District except
for small glimpses she caught of the wider world when her father let them
travel to their compound in safe country territory.

And, of course, the times she'd managed to sneak out. She
was twenty-four years old. She wanted a life, not this prison of silver and

Still, Meda was tempted to hide the brochure. A part of her
wanted to run and run forever, until she was so far out of her father's reach
that she could truly be free.

But that wasn't what she was asking for. Really, all she
wanted was something her father had done at her age: a tour around the star
system. If he'd managed it as a young man, why couldn't she?

With fingers she was proud to say  didn't tremble she handed the brochure over
to her father. Nebulon Rossi was an imposing man. Tall, broad-shouldered, and
with a gaze that could make a the most dedicated lawmen turn and run. He had
the same black hair as hers, though his was beginning to go gray at the
temples. He let it. But there were no signs of wrinkles, no other hints of age.
Her father, she knew, took as many anti-aging treatments as her mother and
expected to live well into his hundreds. But the gray made him look

Meda had inherited her mother's green eyes and olive skin,
and her curly, frizzy hair. Though Meda's mother never let the frizz get to
her. Meda sat in the salon chair when she had to, but she'd be there every day
for months if she truly wanted to get rid of all her flaws.

She'd rather think about her tour. About freedom.

Her father studied the brochure with a look that turned from
curious to stormy.

Meda needed to get ahead of this. "There's plenty of
security, all of it vetted. And there are testimonials from several families
from the Enclave, so there's not any loyalty issue. And it's six months, so I'd
be back before my birthday. You've seen all of these places. Now it's my

Her father didn't glare at her. Meda had never suffered
under his angry gaze. But the way he looked at the brochure made her want to
shrivel up and die anyway. "Your wedding is next month." He said it
like it was a reminder.

It knocked the breath out of Meda's chest. "I already
said no. I'm not marrying that man." Kronos Moretti was a business partner
of her father's. He'd shown up in the Enclave some time ago and started making
a name for himself. A name that was mentioned even in the Silver District.
Violent. Cruel. Twisted. He'd be a tyrant over his wife.

Meda wouldn't be that woman.

"Perhaps he will allow you to take this tour as a
wedding present," her father spoke as if she hadn't said a word.
"I'll bring it up to him."

She wanted to yank the brochure back and keep it safe.
"I'm not marrying Kronos," she repeated. She hated the way her voice
went high and desperate, like she needed her father's permission to refuse a

"Andromeda..." her father sighed. "This isn't
up for negotiation. Kronos has been nipping at my heels for the past six years.
He controls enough territory bordering mine to be... an issue. And he wants you
to make an alliance. It's time you helped your family for once instead of
taking my money and spending it on everything in the District that catches your

He didn't raise his voice, but the words cut deep into her.

"I've given you months to come around to this idea.
Your mother has set up an appointment for your dress. You will go with her and
you will choose what you want. You can be involved in the wedding planning or
not, but you will show up for the ceremony and you will say I do when the
magistrate prompts you." His words had been hard but his face softened.
"Kronos wants this alliance too much to risk angering you. I've known him
to be reasonable. Once your marriage is secure, he'll allow you to go on this
or any other tour you wish, so long as you belong to him."

Belong to him.

Her stomach roiled. She didn't want to belong to anyone but

Vorok knows the rules of the Red District. Bust heads. Take names. And never cross the boss. But when the boss's daughter tries to run away from an unwanted engagement, Vorok has a choice to make: send her home... or help her escape.
He's had his eye on the pretty human for years, but there's no way a pampered princess like her would want an orc enforcer. Then life on the run ramps up the heat until there's no resisting.
But there's no life for a mafia princess and an orc. Especially not in the dingy world of Crimson Enclave.
So what's a monster to do?

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Marianne Kay
Great sci-fi/orc romance..

Great sci-fi/orc romance.. I liked it very much. Steam, action, and opposites attract..