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Kate Rudolph

Dragon Brides Volume Three Ebook

Dragon Brides Volume Three Ebook

Dragon Brides Volume Three

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Three dragon lords… three human mates… lots of galactic trouble!

Asher knows what he wants and a mate isn't part of the bargain. But when his boss turns her marriage minded meddling his way, he's forced to take a meeting with the Intergalactic Dating Agency. There's no way the matchmaker can find a lady who will meet his exacting standards. Then Zoe Gershwin crashes into his life and chaos ensues.

After witnessing the skills of the Intergalactic Dating Agency at finding mates, Knox enlists their services to find a woman of his own. He’s collected a hoard of precious stones from across the galaxy, a mate will be his crown jewel. But is he looking for love, or another treasure for his collection? And what will he do when a thief shows up to steal his heart?

Dragon lord Flint's hunger for excitement leads him to Intergalactic Dating Agency: Adventures who promise to find him a mate who matches his own fiery desires, but human Liza has no idea aliens exist until she’s abducted by one and told she’s his mate. Whoops. As she and Flint are thrown closer together, sparks and flames fly amidst the chaos. Soon Liza's questioning whether she wants to go home again. Maybe abduction isn't such a bad thing, after all.

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