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Kate Rudolph

Soulless Ebook

Soulless Ebook

Detyen Warriors Book 1

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Can a man without emotions find his mate?
There's nothing left in Raze. No love, no hate, nothing but the duty that he owes his people. But when he meets a fascinating and tough human woman on a barren planet something deep inside comes back to life and for the first time in years he yearns for more.

Can she trust the ice cold warrior?
When a mission for the Sol Intelligence Agency gets out of hand, Sierra will need to use every skill she has and work with a mysterious alien warrior who awakens an unquenchable desire within her. He’s cold and forbidding, but when he looks at her there’s a fire in his eyes that opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Two worlds collide...
The chemistry between Raze and Sierra is too hot to ignore, even if it should be impossible for a mate bond to form between them. They'll need to fight pirates, their people, and fate itself to be together. But it may already be too late for the soulless warrior and the woman he aches to claim.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Raeline Willemen
Dangerous bond

From the first couple of pages this book grabbed my interest til 3 am. Now I’m just going to have to get the rest of the Detyen Warrior Outcasts Series. A well written story line, this book fits in those old friend categories… know the ones that you can read over and over and still love it. The ones that make you buy the rest of the series because they are a guaranteed good read. Kate Rudolph…..thank you!

Alina Breland
Easy to buy!

Was a nice time in the shop i found easy what i wanted and it got delivered fast.

Esmeralda Cruz
Great book

I enjoyed reading the book. Has me interested.I havent finished reading it yet almost there. I would recommend it to others.

Josephine Wells

I enjoyed the story of the love between Raze and Sierra so much that I purchased the rest of the series.
When a doomed race of people know that if they don't find their denya/mate by the age of 30 they will die, must be terrifying, these stories really brought out how scary it must be to live with this fear.

Janice Nelson

Haven’t read it yet. But it’s written by Kate Rudolph so it’s going to be good.