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Kate Rudolph

Drake Ebook

Drake Ebook

Dragon Brides Book 6

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Danger stalks a downed ship in an alien jungle…

When Drake receives a distress call from a nearby planet he has to respond. People need help, and it allows him to focus on something other than the devastating news delivered by the Royal Matchmaker. But he can’t believe what he finds when he and his crew discover the survivors.

She’s on the adventure of a lifetime…

Claudia might have been born a simple Earth girl, but she’s spent the last few years traversing the universe and seeing things people back home would never believe. But she doesn’t want to end up as monster chow on an alien planet. When Drake arrives, she lets herself believe they just might escape.

But an invisible monster is hunting them. How can they fight a monster they can’t see? She needs to focus on survival, but she can’t take her eyes off the way-too-hot dragon who’s stealing all her attention.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fun fast paced read

This was such a fast paced read with great action/adventure that it kept me glued to my reader, first page to last ;D So much danger and drama really had me rooting for Claudia and Drake. Their romance unfolded as danger was hunting them and I fretted for them making it out alive. So fun! This has been an entertaining series and I'm looking forward to what's next by this author :D

I liked it!

This is the sixth book in the series but it can be read as a standalone. The Matchmaker gives Drake some bad news and when he goes off to help with a distress call, he can’t believe he finds his mate. Can he keep himself and Claudia safe from the monster that his hunting them? Fast-paced read with loads of drama, great world building and plenty of steam. I liked it.

Wonderful sci-fi romance!

Such a wonderful sci-fi romance! Really enjoyed it. Great adventure, steam, and engaging characters..